How does it work?

Using Omnia3 Player on your website you have an opportunity to
earn money through various advertisements it contains.
How much you’ll earn depends on how many views of
advertisements on your videos you’ll have.
The money you get for your PayPal account.

Also if you want to make your own advertising campaign you can use
this Player to show it to the other people!
To pay for the publication of your campaign, you can use the money
you collected from watching other ads, or buy credits using PayPal
and pay with them.

How to start?

First you need to Sign Up, depending on whether you want to use our Player on your website or add
your own advertising campaign on our Player.

After completing the registration form, we verify the data you entered and you will be notified
about the acceptance or rejection of the form.

If you want to use only the Player with our advertisements, you'll get a code that should be placed on
your website. Then you can also customize the look of the Player (change colors, shapes, graphics etc.).

When you want to add the advertising campaign, after clicking Sign Up and register as
an Advertiser, you will create your own account and from there you will manage all
your advertisements.

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