How can I earn money?

With the Player Omnia3 on which you display your video, you also have advertisements. Every time when someone displays adverts while watching your video, on your PayPal account you get money. If you don’t have your PayPal account yet it will be created.

From where can I get the Player?

To get the Player you need to Sign Up on this website, enter few data and create your account. After that you will get a code which you have to put on your own website. The Player contains advertisements so you don’t have to worry about anything else. If you want you can change the look of the Player, like colors or shapes.

How the Player works?

The Player works automatically when you add our code to your page. Advertisements are included and displayed independently. They don’t hide the video because the view is proportionally scaled.

How can I do my advertising campaign?

If you are an Advertiser and you want to add your advertisements to our Player first you need to Sign Up to Omnia3 Service and create your account, from where you can manage your advertising campaign. How to prepare your advertisement you will find in the manual (About >> Read more). You will find there also how to create and manage your account.

Who will see my advertisements?

When you Sign Up on Omnia3 Service, you can manage your campaign and specify the keywords to the ad and click value. You can also select the locations where you want to display the ad. It is worldwide by default. You can select one or more locations and then they will be automatically visible on that websites which are using our Player. On MyAccount you can also check how many views and clicks you have got, how many credits left and make payments for another campaign.

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